Welcome to the National Poetry Month Blog!


Welcome to our National Poetry Month blog. We are so delighted to have you here. My name is Barbara Erochina and I am the Communications Coordinator here at The League, which means I get the privilege of curating this blog. We hope this place will become an opportunity for poets to share stories, events and poetic moments – all in the spirit of National Poetry Month (perhaps even all year long? Oh! How a poet/arts organizer can dream).

There are many exciting things planned for the month ahead from personal stories of poets traveling across Canada to pursue their art, to a series of interviews with our shortlisted authors, to highlighted events & festivals, to poetic initiatives to poetry itself! Please make sure to come visit often and tell other poetry-minded folks about this place.

And really, since we’re going to be speaking intimacies such as poetry I should introduce myself. I’m a cancer, a cat lover and a spoken word poet, the order of importance in regards to these of course varies depending on the day and where we are in the moon’s cycle. I live in Toronto, with my partner in love and poetry Tanya, and my partner in cuddling – our cat Thatcher. I spend half of my time at The League, half of my time writing and performing, and half of my time at The Gestalt Institute of Toronto studying psychotherapy, which all makes for a full and abundant life. At this point, I wouldn’t have it otherwise.

Most of our guest bloggers will introduce themselves and will have places (&links) where you can follow them along to read more of their thoughts. Don’t be shy and say hello.

 Thank you for coming along. I can’t wait to get started!

If you would like to be featured on the blog, please give me a shout at admin@poets.ca