A Month of Edibles

IMG_8130What is on the blog menu this month, you ask?

Mondays will feature interviews with many of the poets shortlisted for the Pat Lowther and Gerald Lowther Memorial Awards, as well as the Raymond Souster Award.  The interviews are much like our shortlist poets – thought provoking, smart and pleasantly full of sass.

On Wednesdays we will hear about different Food & Poetry events happening across the country in celebration of NPM. From activism themed potlucks to chocolate laced chapbook launches, the month is edible.

Spoken Word poets will take over the blog on Saturdays to share food themed performance poetry and stories. Expect odes to favourite dishes, anthems about the nourishment of poetry and conspiracies involving bacon. To give you a taste,  here is our first featured poet Dave Silverberg with an Ode to Egg Nog.

Dave Silverberg is the founder and artistic director of Toronto Poetry Slam, a spoken word competition taking place at the Drake Hotel twice monthly. He has performed poetry across Canada, including dozens of high schools in Ontario. His book of poetry Bags of Wires was published by LyricalMyrical Press. His passions include Monty Python humour, Raptors basketball and George Clinton funk. Find him at Toronto Poetry Slam.

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Lets’s indulge in some delicious poetry friends!

See you in the buffet line,


P.S. Prepare for a month of food and poetry puns, all month long.