This is one of our favourite times of the year: reading goals are being met, best-of lists are being created, and we get to remember all our favourite moments the year–and at the same time, we’re gearing up for new year’s resolutions and next year’s reading goals! If you want to step up your poetry game but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve created a poetry reading challenge just for you. You’ll find 24 reading challenges to help you challenge and diversify your reading in the new year, and we hope you’ll share your progress! Use the hashtag #LCPChallenge or tag @CanadianPoets on Twitter so we can share what you’re reading. We encourage you to explore Canadian poetry, to read as many new poets as you can, and to read as diversely as possible! We’ll be sharing our reads throughout the year, and we’re excited to see yours too. Happy new year!


  • Read (or re-read) a Dr. Seuss book
  • Read a book by a poet with the same first name as you
  • Read a debut collection published in the last 5 years
  • Read (or re-read) the debut collection of one of your favourite poets
  • Read a winner of the Pat Lowther Memorial Award (find a full list of winners at
  • Read a Griffin Prize-winning book
  • Read a Governor-General’s Award-winning book
  • Read a translated book of poetry
  • Read an international English-language book of poetry
  • Read a novel by a poet
  • Read a book of poetry by a novelist
  • Read a book of poetry from a publisher you’ve never heard of before
  • Read a new book of poetry from your favourite publisher
  • Read a book of poetry whose title is just one word
  • Read a book of poetry with a ridiculously long title
  • Read a book of essays about poetry
  • Read a literary journal
  • Read a book of poetry whose cover is your favourite colour
  • Read a book of poetry by a Nobel laureate in Literature
  • Read a book of prose poems
  • Read of a book of sonnets
  • Read a bpNichol Chapbook Award-winning chapbook
  • Read a book of poetry that you bought at a book launch or reading
  • Read a book poetry that you bought at a book, magazine, or other literary fair/market

*Bonus challenge: read a chapbook of poetry every month

*Bonus challenge: recommend a book of poetry to a friend

*Bonus challenge: attend a book launch or poetry reading




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