Surrender by Lesley Strutt

I take a breath    decant the air   smell 
not sorrow    not grief    the damp is not  

tinged with death   it lasts 
longer than my swift intake shorter  

than my life 
elegance is not what I am seeking   

and yet here    pungent deep and still 
waiting where it always was   

among the dying lilies   steepled branches 
under moss    dark vines where  

birches lean like thin men on a long journey 
somewhere they have not reached yet  

I cannot offer anything I think is valuable   I’m useless 
as a child’s sunhat tossed on the wind     but look   

how sudden is the red against that great blue  



Copyright © Lesley Strutt. Forthcoming in Window Ledge (Inanna Publications, 2020).


Lesley Strutt is a poet, playwright, essayist, novelist, and blogger living in Merrickville, Ontario. Her writing has appeared in anthologies, e-zines, as well as journals such as Montreal Serai, CV2, Prairie Fire, Ottawater, The Literary Review, Bywords, and the Canadian Woman Studies Journal. Her chapbook Small as Butterflies won the 2015 Tree Chapbook prize. Her first full-length collection of poems, Window Ledge, will be published by Inanna Publications in 2020. Find Lesley on Twitter at @lesleystrutt.







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