Ars Poetica by Amanda Earl

Some poets celebrate the quietude of spaces, hear music in the awkwardness of
silence. Others choke the breath out of a trope. Some leave the starving text to
perish. Others carry punctuation marks through the rough. Record the huff of air, pay
heed to the rustle of consonants. Some take aim and shoot, skin the word, hang it to
dry. Others feed fat to the black dog. Still others are kept awake at night, hungering
for what they can’t write.
 Some bemoan the extinction of grammar. Others hone
their syntax until it’s sharp enough to draw blood. Some wonder how to put it all into
words. Others slather a poem in imagination. Still others glean sound, rhythm,
pattern, symbol, theme out of air. Some turn a poem into a perpetual motion
machine. Others pile hope into stanzas. Still others build shiny, unbreakable cages of
meaning. Some play like unsupervised children at a glitter picnic. They blow their
horns and free verse glistens. Others drown themselves in liquor, hallucinate
their minds with drugs, annihilate their words on the lips of strangers. Some tear up their
pages and throw them into the fire, then begin again.


Copyright © Amanda Earl.


Amanda Earl is a polyamorous poetesse, editor, publisher, fiction writer, essayist and visual poet. Kiki(Chaudiere Books, 2014) is her first poetry book. She was inducted into the VERSeOttawa Hall of Honour in 2014 and won the Tree Press Chapbook Award in 2017 for her chapbook, Electric Garden. She’s the managing editor of and the fallen angel of AngelHousePress. She lives in Ottawa with her husband, Charles. Her life and creative goals are love, pleasure, whimsy, exploration and connection with fellow misfits. Find Amanda on Twitter at @KikiFolle and Instagram at @earl_amanda.







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