Hamilton Escarpment Park by Ed Woods

steep edge drop-off
hidden night effects
panoramic view
relaxation cabana protection
one bench overtaken
homeless mans home
layers of sleeping bags
bundled residual heat
melts snow showers
my civic plow routine
to clear streets for commuters
transit and economic needs
time for midnight coffee break
I request a double order
then arrive under cabana roof
I awaken and motion to this soul
“Sir, would you be kind enough
to accept and share my break”


Copyright © Ed Woods.


Ed Woods was born in Toronto and now lives in Dundas, Ontario and, while on surgical recovery from his tanker truck collision, discovered a poetry workshop and was encouraged by participants to expand upon employment and observations of life. Life as a pilot, pipeline construction, electronics, transportation, casino work, and sciences is often referred to as Industrial Poetry. In an effort to entertain as well as give a personal view or statement or opinion he tries to find a different flow of a poem from the serious to comedic twist. Ed has self-published chapbooks (11), and creative writing in many anthologies and is a member of Tower Poetry Society, The Ontario Poetry Society, World Poetry Group, and Hamilton Artists and Writers.


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