Rachel: A Feline Fable by Susan Ioannou

Rachel always liked to slink 
in a not quite empty sink. 
Even when we pulled the stopper 
still she crouched in hopes of water.     

One sad morning we were startled 
finding Rachel grown much smaller. 
Now, alas, we search in vain  
fearing she’s slipped down the drain.     

Has she flushed into the lake 
slowly to evaporate 
into growling clouds that rain 
cats and dogs on window panes?     

Let the moral simply be: 
kitties, keep your four paws dry 
or like Rachel you may shrink 
steadily till indistinct 
you dissolve in space and time 
one more cat-a-logued in rhyme.  


Copyright © Susan Ioannou. Originally published in Here is A Poem: An Anthology of Canadian Poetry (League of Canadian Poets, 1983).


Susan Ioannous poetry, fiction, and articles have appeared across Canada. Her poetry collections includeLooking for Light (Hidden Brook Press), Looking Through Stone: Poems about the Earth (Your Scrivener Press), Coming Home: An Old Love Story (Leaf Press), Where the Light Waits (Ekstasis Editions), andClarity Between Clouds (Goose Lane Editions).


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