After rain by Lesley Strutt

young finches at the feeder     
I go to the mock orange      snip three sprigs 
for the jar beside me on the porch   I wait   

the door behind me creaks open  
pressed by the wind to utter a sound  
it would otherwise not make   I wait  

tradescantia struggle to right themselves  
after hard rain     lift their purple petalled mouths  
to show they can  

once I smiled for the world after pain  
rose and rose again after the hard  
but dusk is falling      

I’m groping a little     the wind is shaping a sound  
almost enough for my mouth


Copyright © Lesley Strutt. Forthcoming in Window Ledge (Inanna Publications, 2020).


Lesley Strutt is a poet, playwright, essayist, novelist, and blogger living in Merrickville, Ontario. Her writing has appeared in anthologies, e-zines, as well as journals such as Montreal Serai, CV2, Prairie Fire, Ottawater, The Literary Review, Bywords, and the Canadian Woman Studies Journal. Her chapbook Small as Butterflies won the 2015 Tree Chapbook prize. Her first full-length collection of poems, Window Ledge, will be published by Inanna Publications in 2020. Find Lesley on Twitter at @lesleystrutt.


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