With Thanks to Prince Charles by Merle Amodeo

I’ve been trying to find an explanation for our break up.
Then last night I saw a documentary 
about Prince Charles and Camilla,
and the light dawned.  

It’s adversity that keeps people together.
If the queen had approved of their love
when they were both young and reasonably innocent,
they’d be passing each other on the street now
unaware of the passion they once felt.  

You see, Jeffrey, love was too easy for us.
I should have had my brother hunt you down 
after our first date and threaten you with bodily injury
if you dared to defile his baby sister.
My mother should have added arsenic to the pasta she served
whenever you dropped by.
The shotgun my father keeps under lock and key
should have been left unloaded 
on the front porch as a warning.  

And then there’s my cousin Joe.
I was concerned his criminal record
would scare you off, 
but I should have let him loose to show you
how aggressive real men can be.  

But it’s never too late.
Now that I understand about love and adversity,
I know how to get you back.


Copyright © Merle Amodeo. Originally published in After Love (2015).


Merle Amodeo was born in Toronto and now lives in the Beaches area of the city. She taught in Oakville, Toronto, and at Durham College in Oshawa for more than thirty years.Merle started writing poetry at a workshop in Santiago, Chile in 2006. Her first book After Love, which was awarded honourable mention in the Whistler Independent Book Publishers, was published in 2015. “Spring Treason” was awarded an honourable mention and published in the Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest Anthology 2016.  It will also appear in Merle’s  next collection The Last Poem I write for you.