My Apologies by Merle Amodeo

Sorry about the call
I made last night.
It was late. 
You need your sleep.
The world is counting on you
to make it a better place.  

Longed to hear your voice,
be cheered by your laughter, 
but all I got 
was your answering machine.  

How clever the message was:
“It’s midnight,
if you need help,
call 911.”  

I’d never heard anyone
announce the time
on a phone message before, 
so I called back later
when my watch stopped.  

I can’t repeat
what you said the second time.
I can only assure you
I’ve studied biology,
and your suggestion
was anatomically impossible.  

Try it yourself!  


Copyright © Merle Amodeo. Originally published in After Love (2015).


My Apologies was published in Merle Amodeo‘s first full-length book of poetry After Love which won an honourable mention from the Whistler Independent Book Publishers in 2016. Merle was born in Toronto and now lives in the Beaches area of the city. She taught  in Oakville and Toronto and at Durham College in Oshawa for more than thirty years. In 2011, her novel Call Waiting was published by Hidden Brook Press. She is presently putting finishing touches on her next book of poetry The Last Verse I write for you and searching for a publisher. 


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