LAWS OF MOTION by Paola Ferrante

Bodies in motion retain emotion less
as bodies in relationship. The relationship now
will be described between a body here and your body hereinafter 
referred to as the object when acted upon by force
this has yet to be proven but the maximum 
amount of force a body can exert 
on another object given the gravity 
of the situation is a constant, as is the length
of a skirt. Can you tell us for example
how you were blind drunk or not to the angle
at which your body would be viewed as a thing
of a liar especially dressed like that?
We calculate the distance between knees inversely
proportional to a proximal cause 
of resistance you ought to have known
about attraction equal and opposite
under the law when a body chooses
to enter the room of another body 
it’s only force if there’s resistance 
beyond a reasonable doubt you ought 
to have known how force can result
from contact or non-contact. But tell us
how if it was force why were there cuddles 
and talking why here and after 
was there contact these are deemed
inadmissible changes in emotion used 
against the tendency of a body that remains 
at rest. Tell us how your object here
and after referred to as the objection
your honour, that was never made
because of how after it was over your body 
remained at rest we can prove when it comes 
to inertia you cannot fire a bullet in a vacuum;
if friction can be eliminated so can the resistance.
This is where the case will rest until it is shown 
resistance can be an invisible force until
we doubt false laws until 
we listen to you, 
the proof. 

Copyright © Paola Ferrante. Originally published in The Puritan (Issue 40, Winter 2018).

Paola Ferrante is an emerging writer whose poetry and fiction have appeared in The Puritan, Minola Review, New Poetry, Overland, The Eyewear Review, The /tƐmz/ Review, Geometry and Third Point Press. Her poetry has been longlisted for the 2017 Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence, and shortlisted for Eyewear Publishing LTD’s Fortnight Poem Prize, along with the 2017 Fairy Tale Review Awards. She majored in Creative Writing at York University and resides in Toronto, Canada. Find Paola on Twitter at @PaolaOFerrante.

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