Moses’s Staff by Richard Weiser

Moses’s staff having once been a snake, 
never forgot the supple strength, like a sapling
capturing the wind. Despite the upright
power, the linear rectitude, what it wouldn’t
have given, just for a moment, to crawl on its belly 
and eat the dust once again.


Copyright © Richard Weiser. Originally published in Tower Poetry (Summer 2017).


Richard Weiser is a poet, musician and playwright. His work has been published internationally in journals such as HCE, Acumen and 99 Pine Street and produced at The Toronto Fringe Festival. He’s written ads for almost 20 years and recently won a Cannes Lion (advertising’s version of the Oscar). Richard studied creative writing at York University with Don Coles and Robert Casto. He’s written a biography of the Canadian painter Tom Thomson (unpublished) and is working on a novel set during the First Crusade. Follow Richard on Instagram & Twitter @richardtweiser.