Moving On by Doris Fiszer

I don’t recognize this man
whose steps shuffle
as if his body were a burden.  

I don’t recognize
the shrunken belly
his voice once booming
now whispers in raspy monotones.  

Age is unraveling him
exposing his raw edges
dampening the fire
in his green eyes
rattling his scientific mind
.   though he would deny it. 

He still plays some bridge
swims laps in his condo pool
monitors his blood sugar.  

Yet he seems eager to move on
.   though he won’t discuss it
since he doesn’t know
where he’s going or when.


Copyright © Doris Fiszer. Originally published in Bywords Quarterly Journal (2006).


Doris Fiszer’s chapbook The Binders won the 2016 Tree Chapbook Award and was also shortlisted for the 2017 Bp Nichol Chapbook Award. Her poem, “Zen Garden” won the 2017 John Newlove Poetry Award. Her second chapbook, Sasanka (Wild Flower) is forthcoming from Bywords in October 2018. She lives in Ottawa.

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