Anthropic Principles by Lynn Tait

the universe appears as it does because if it were different we would not be here to observe it
                                                                                                                   – Random House Word Menu.

I fail to see you,
.             your sun dog’s counterglow
.             blurs my horizon

           the chaos that is mine
           bends the light

           curvatures of time
           blue shifts into tears,

orbiting this dark nebula
is like standing on my head
while trying to walk towards you,

the only difference is
you have vanished

and no matter where I turn
I observe the same phenomenon
at every angle,

but it’s not this sudden change in universe
that hurts my eyes,

it’s knowing that I’m still here,
and you are not.


Copyright © Lynn Tait. Originally published in 2001: A Space Anthology (Cranberry Tree Press, 2001).


Lynn Tait is an award-winning poet/photographer from Sarnia Ontario Canada. Her poems have appeared in Windsor Review, RE:al, lichen, Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Feathertale Review, Contemporary Verse II, Freefall, Vallum,  Literary Review of Canada, and in over 90 Canadian and American anthologies. She published “Breaking Away” a chapbook in 2002 and co-authored Encompass I with 4 other poets in 2013. She’s  recently completed two poetry manuscripts. Her photos/digital art grace the covers of seven poetry books. She is a member of the League of Canadian Poets.

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