Name Me After a Fish by Leah MacLean-Evans

Goldeye or Cichlid 
silver and smooth and genderless, make me
as an alien, forget 
the rules, name me 
Corydoras of two halves, name me Coelacanth
for surviving 
name me Plecostromus
name me Trout 
name me Catfish 
let them imagine my genitals as smooth
tough skin, not think to touch them. 
Say, let me introduce Pickerel. 
Say, have you met my friend Haddock.
Say, this is my daughter Herring. 
And I will breathe water in and through me,
swim flicking in the slip


Copyright © Leah MacLean-Evans. Winner of the 2018 National Broadsheet Contest from the League of Canadian Poets.


Leah MacLean-Evans is a writer in Ottawa. Her work has appeared in CanthiusQwerty, untethered, ottawaterOn Spec Magazine, and elsewhere. She was the 2017 fiction winner of the Blodwyn Memorial Prize and the 2018 winner of the League of Canadian Poets’ National Broadsheet contest. She has an MFA in Writing from the University of Saskatchewan and is the proofreader of Grain. Find her on Instagram & Twitter at @penanddragon.

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