Ready by Pat Connors

A poem is the sunrise after darkest night;
an unexpected answer to much fervent prayer.

It is grace extended from a neglected muse,
only asking to be shared and seen, heard and felt.

A poem is inspiration
quickly recorded before lost,

cut down, built up, cut down again,
until it’s ready to be read.


Copyright © Pat Connors. Originally published on Big Pond Rumours (Winter 2015) and also appears in Part-Time Contemplative (LyricalMyricalPress, 2016).


Photo credit: Lillian Allen

Pat Connors chapbook, Scarborough Songs, was published by Lyricalmyrical Press in 2013, and charted on the Toronto Poetry Map.  Part-Time Contemplative, his second chapbook with Lyricalmyrical, was released in 2016.  He is a manager for the Toronto chapter of 100,000 Poets for Change. Find him on Twitter at @81912CON.

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