Tattoos of You by Laura Kestrel

I would tattoo your perfume on my skin
As a daily reminder of you
Like the way Alex Katz dedicates a lot of work to his wife,
Or how Fleetwood Mac put personal relations down on paper.
But I have always been afraid
Of it hurting too much
And not just because of needles under my skin. 


Copyright © Laura Kestrel.


Laura Kestrel is a spoken-word artist originally from Cornwall, who has performed across England, U.S.A and Canada, in English, French and Italian.  She has also been involved in youth poetry mentorships, as well as hosting workshops on using spoken word as a tool to help with mental health issues, and hosting #PoemsByPost; an international poetry project. Laura Kestrel’s poetry and artwork has been featured in various magazines, and her debut book, the confessional chapbook Lambs with Manes of Lions, was published in August 2017.  Her second book, Turn-Stiles and Turn-Around Smiles will be released in 2019. She also writes short stories, and is currently working on her first play, and took Lambs on tour in Autumn 2018. Follow her on Instagram at @laumarmiu.

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