PIYP Day 2019: Allison LaSorda



by Allison LaSorda


We don white hats and veils to check on your hive—
push toward each other’s newness, curtailed by safety devices.
A sting’s purple welt glares on your left calf. From the box,
you pull bee-crowded sleeves: workers’ movement steady

but erratic, sun strobes their effort. Pointing to hexagons,
you explain some house larvae, others reflect light
in honey, still others plastered over with wax. I pretend
to notice the distinctions, drifting into a future self

who readies ice and tends to your stung skin. A tin smoker
calms, masks alarm pheromones, & simulates forest fire,
during which bees will gorge on honey to save their bounty
and escape. It’s not panic, exactly, it’s instinct. Still, I relate

to the threat of an ending—the impulse to make meaning by holding
everything inside yourself at once, as much as you can carry.


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Allison LaSorda‘s work haappeared in The Fiddlehead, North American Review, Shenandoahand Hazlittand she was nominated for a 2018 National Magazine Award for Personal Journalism.