PIYP Day 2019: Yvonne Blomer


Spotted Owl as Desire 

by Yvonne Blomer

.               After Robert Bateman’s Mossy Branches, Spotted Owl 


True owl. Old-growth owl. Nocturnal
owl. The clock turns by you. 
Barking owl. Whistling. 
Hooted notes fall from mossed trees. 
Old-man moss. Knight’s Plume moss. Creeping- 
feather moss. Nothing human here except me.
Your eyes a lure. Shoulder-
hunched owl. Padded in your brown
mottled cloak, what are you 
tracking? Fogged-in owl, muffle-
feathered owl, patience is 
your domain. Bone-lichen
feathered. Lour-browed. 
Old strix. What are you
making me into? 



Previously published in Ravine, Mouse, A Bird’s Beak (Nose in Book Publishing, 2018).

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Yvonne Blomer served as the City of Victoria’s Poet Laureate from 2015-2018. Her most recent books include Sugar Ride: Cycling from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur, Palimpsest Press, 2017 and Refugium: Poems for the Pacific, Caitlin Press, 2017, which she edited. Yvonne’s chapbook Elegies for Earth won Leaf Press’s Overleaf Chapbook Contest in 2017. Yvonne lives in Victoria, BC and tries to place the environment first in every decision she makes.  

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