Late October woods by Glen Sorestad

I love autumn aspen woods –
the clinging pungence

                                    of fallen leaves,

a sudden sense of antiquity
gathering in the nostrils like
musty cellar memories,
a constant reminder

                                of how earth replenishes itself yearly.

I love the way

                        each footfall releases

a burst of aromas to the senses.
I can even empathize

                                  with these

wind-stripped trees,
how they stand stoic,


awaiting winter’s breath

                                        to turn them

brittle skeletons
clacking and clattering

.                                       against each other

like ill-fitting dentures.
These trees will be

.                                 locked into

long night dreams

.                                of re-awakenings,
                              of finding Spring.


Copyright © Glen Sorestad. Originally published in Heartwood: Poems for the Love of Trees (League of Canadian Poets, 2018).


Glen Sorestad is a Saskatoon poet who has over twenty books and chapbooks of his poems published. His poems have appeared in over 70 anthologies, as well as in literary magazines and online literary sites in many countries. His poetry has been translated into eight languages, including a bilingual, English/Spanish volume, A Thief of Impeccable Taste (Sand Crab Books, 2011). His latest book is a co-authored title (with Jim Harris), Water and Rock (LCM Press, New Mexico, 2017). Glen Sorestad is a Life Member of the League of Canadian Poets and a Member of the Order of Canada.

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