in descent by Daniel G. Scott

there are days 
meant for descent  

but as i go down 
there is an ocean in the basement  

it laps against the furnace
pulses in and out of the storage room, tidal  

flotsam of memory bumps
against the tool rack and wall  

outside is dry
but the bottom of my life is flooded  

purple kelp
clings to the floor posts  

the rich scent of salt
drifts up the stairs 

it will not drain away
tastes like tears  

there is an undertow
i hear the suck in my dreams 


Copyright © Daniel G. Scott.


Daniel G Scott, is the current (5th) Artistic Director of the Planet Earth Poetry Reading Series. He has published gnarled love, terrains  and now Random Excess with Ekstasis Editions, and black onion and two chapbooks: street signs and Interrupted with Goldfinch Press.  He has individual poems in anthologies and chapbooks as well as numerous academic publications and, with Shannon McFerran, The Girls Diary Project (University of Victoria, 2013).  He won a one-act playwriting competition in New Brunswick in 1984. He is an Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Victoria, School of Child and Youth Care, father and grandfather.

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