All Purple by Jonathan Chu

The sky here is purple. 

On a good summer’s day,
                         you can hear the flick
             slip of koi dipping out of pitch.
Raindrop shatters
             against barnacle rocks. 

In the midst of autumn, 
the sun crashes agitated beneath
surface water. 
                                        Limp and snuffed out, like a lamp
it lifts its eyes to take a peak
at night’s threshold.  

Winter runs her hands           through the desolate
Courtyards of logs
         brooding their leafy dresses,
.                                                                                 torn to tatters up to waist height. 

Deep purple plums populate the yards.
Their sun-baked skin
           rusted around the edges. 

Winter dressing bland purple hedges,
Like Sunday garlands.  

When the branches have broken off,
.             ice caught, 
.                          and barely breathing.
Winter arrives besuited and chic,
.                                                                     gown ordained
                                                                                            with skeleton squirrels. 


Copyright © Jonathan Chu. Originally published on as the 1st place Winner of hte 2019 Jessamy Stursberg Poetry Prize, junior caterogy.


Jonathan Chu loves a couple of things in his life. He loves poetry, his family, good food, and his school. He lives with his parents, older brother and dog in a city called Vancouver, BC. Although his dog, Sasha, is about the laziest thing on the planet he still loves her. During his free time, Jonathan hangs out with his friends or watches Netflix. Jonathan attends an all-boys school called St.George’s School. After school he spends his time debating and writing poetry. Jonathan is 13yr old and still learning about what this life can bring. He thanks his writing teachers, Ms. Elza, Ms. Thompson and Mrs. Matthews for helping him develop on the page and in school. Thank you!

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