The Physical Lover by Rashid Al-Abri

You bring out the Newton in me,
the cosine curves that rule my pendulum-like motion,
the π and g constants in me. 

You bring out the quantum admirer in me,
the particle at the two places,
the collapsing energy levels,
the n=2 in me. 

You bring out the thermodynamic companion in me,
the heat transfer, the Q=mc∆T,
the Gay-Lussac law in me. 

You bring out the collision physicist in me,
the ∆p >0, the increased momentum in me. 

You bring out the fluid sweetheart in me,
the Lubrication theory, the buoyancy forces in me. 

You bring out the projectile lover in me,
the and y component, the gravity in me,
the Euclidean vector in me. 

You bring out the physical Romeo in me,
let’s multiply our vectors, the cross product,
let me feel your sine curve and I’ll let you touch
all the tangents in me. 


Copyright © Rashid Al-Abri. Selected as an honourable mention in the 2019 Jessamy Stursberg Poetry Prize, senior category.


Rashid Al-Abri, originally from Oman, currently resides in Victoria, BC. He studies at St. Michaels University School and will soon be heading to Stanford University to pursue a major in computer science and a minor in creative writing. He is passionate about poetry and the spoken word as he explores various physical phenomenon: from the inelastic collisions of love, to the high-pressure conditions of heartbreak, to the joys of combusting oleic acids on grills. He authored the poetry anthology Collision Theory and Gin and is excited to continue integrating his passion for the sciences and poetry together.

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