A Millennial’s Poem by Claire Kelly

Once a good deed per week
was enough to keep the world
on its Easy-BakeTM axis.
A  100-watt light bulb
and we can chew-goo
through this together.
Now I’m not so sure how to tally
and what goes in the column
that adds up to me being a good person.
Here’s a youthful narrative
and a roll of Fruit by the FootTM.
I’ve gnawed on both
but only one bruised my tongue
GrimaceTM-purple. Here I am
grimacing, letting slip
my slap-bracelet age. Devil
SticksTM. Skip-ItTM. Stack of
timeworn Tiger Beats.
I too am old enough to have once been
a magazine subscriber, to have once
hoarded PogsTM in a fanny pack.
Grandfather galaxies untraded
before the bottom fell out
of the schoolyard marble market.
Lodestone, what an attractive economy
hardened from left-out Play-DohTM.
I’ll trade you my TV memories
of hockey pucks lit-up in ice-dense USA,
you hand over the future
and whatever ease middle age
garnered you. Bargain
basement, Top of the Pops,
holy shit, you’ll not believe
what I haven’t had a chance
to have lost.


Copyright © Claire Kelly. Originally published in One Thing – Then Another (ECW Press, 2019).


Claire Kelly has written two poetry collections: One Thing – Then Another (ECW Press 2019) and Maunder (Palimpsest Press 2017). She lives and writes in Edmonton on Treaty 6 territory. Find Claire on Twitter @ClaireElKelly.

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