Still be still be still be by Harry Posner

Still be still be still be
Calm or calm or calm or
Pla cid oh pla cid oh pla cid oh
Re lax re lax re lax re
Ding for pleasure
Ding for dinner
Ring for treasure
The pleasure of your
Company your tympani
Your thrum drum not
Hum drum youre some fun
You are we are when we are
To gather our each our sweet
Peach the reach of fresh flesh
Enmeshed arms legs held
Melded melted to gather
in the cool pool so still
be still be still be still
my beat ing heart 


Copyright © Harry Posner. An official Poem in Your Pocket Day selection (2019).


A member of Words Aloud poetry collective, the Headwaters Writers Guild, Writers Ink Alton, and Associate Member of the League of Canadian Poets, Harry Posner is the author of six books, including poetry, novels and short stories, and he has produced several spoken word CDs. He is currently Dufferin County’s first Poet Laureate. 

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