Poetry Pause: Heidi Greco – In Defense of Messiness

Poem author: Heidi Greco Poem title: In Defense of Messiness Poem: There is something to be said for the open sweep of an unmade bed, rumpled from the tumble of early morning love. For the skeltered pile of unwashed glasses, food-stained forks and plates, souvenirs of last night’s drawn-out laughter. Pieces of a puzzle strewn across the wooden table – their mix of sprawling colours unlikely as the sea. Haphazardness of outline, each shape curling on itself, looking for its mate amongst the blues, all those improbable bites of sky. How much more compelling these random broken bits than the finished square, mirroring the boredom of the image on the box. So much to be said for the chaos of things, how better this state of endless ongoing entropy. Left to its boisterous ways, everything gets messier, stickier – only more delicious. O for the happy slurry of life than a house gone too quiet, too clean. End of Poem. Copyright © Heidi Greco originally appeared in Practical Anxiety (Inanna, 2018) Heidi Greco is a longtime resident of Surrey, BC and has lived on Canada's West Coast since 1970. She enjoys leading workshops on a variety of topics and writes book reviews for several publications. She likes getting creative in the kitchen, especially with the challenge of leftovers. In addition, she serves as a volunteer at a facility for incarcerated men in her community. Her two most recent books are Flightpaths: The Lost Journals of Amelia Earhart (Caitlin, 2017) and Practical Anxiety (Inanna, 2018). She also edited an anthology by writers from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, From the Heart of It All (Otter Press, 2018).