Poetry Pause: Norma Kerby — lean

Poem author: Norma Kerby Poem title: lean Poem: her old dog is getting lean nothing sticks to his bones anymore like her luck how many days has she worked in the heat trying to make a buck flagging along a bug bitten section of highway between Cranberry and Van Dyke parked day and night at the edge of the road waiting for traffic dog keeps her company when the paving guys aren't around he watches for bears but she is lean lean for money leaner for life trying to support three kids at home with grandma no boyfriends doesn't need one anymore just down to bones and skin her and the dog at the side of the highway flagging End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Norma Kerby Norma Kerby has been published in journals, e-zines, magazines, and anthologies, most recently, in the anthologies, Heartwood (League of Canadian Poets), Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem (Mansfield Press), Somewhere My Love and The Golden Oracle (Subterranean Blue Poetry), and (M)othering (Inanna Press, pending). Her chapbook, Shores of Haida Gwaii (Big Pond Rumours Press) describes the intriguing Haida Gwaii Islands off the north coast of British Columbia. As an ecologist and environmentalist, her poetry focuses on the social and natural landscapes of rural and northern Canada.