Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting for the League of Canadian Poets

The 2020 Annual General Meeting for the League of Canadian Poets will be taking place digitally for the first time in 2020. We invite all members to join us on Saturday, June 13th at 12pm EST.  


Register for the 2020 AGM 

 Click here to register for the 2020 AGM (all attendees are required to register). Once you have completed registration, you will receive full access details for our Zoom meeting.  

AGM Orientation Session

We want to be sure that every member is able to participate in our AGM this year. In advance of our Annual General Meeting, we will host an AGM Orientation Session. This Zoom meeting will give you the opportunity to participate in a meeting, learn about Zoom features, and get the most from the AGM.  

Click here to register for the AGM Orientation Session on June 10th, 2020  


Meeting information and Documents: 

Important Information for the 2020 AGM 

Registration is required for this meeting  

To ensure that we are able to discuss and vote on Motions at the AGM, we require registration for all members in advance of the AGM. This will ensure that everyone in our meeting is appropriate and authorized to cast votes in the organization.  


Key Zoom Features to Know  

There are a few key features in the Zoom program that we will be using during our AGM. Please take the time to get to know about these features ahead of our meeting!  

Voting at the AGM 

Voting at the AGM will be done using the “raised hand” feature. All Full members are welcome to vote on Motions at the AGM. The procedure for casting a vote and raising/lowering your hand will be covered at the AGM.  


Associate Member Participation  

Associate members of the League we welcome to attend the AGM and to discuss all motions on the table. However, Associate members are not able to cast votes at the AGM.  


Adding a Motion to our AGM Agenda

Every member who registers for the AGM will be given the opportunity to ask questions or add an item for discussion. If you would like to add a note to the agenda for 2020, please send an email to Natalie at 

Please note that time for this meeting is very limited, and that there is quite a lot to discuss this year. All questions and additional topics will need to be fit into our required schedule.