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Wednesday, October 14, 2015 | 7:30 pm
Location: Sam’s Place, 159 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB |
Registration is required, either by email at: manager@samsplacebooks.com or in-person at Sam’s Place
More info:  Sam’s Place Hosts Envoi Poetry Circle #1, Featuring Violinmaker’s Lament and Cutthroats and other poems. Envoi Poetry Circles are modeled after Robert Kroetsch’s creative writing workshops circa 1979. The poet distributes the work to be discussed prior to the workshop, which everyone reads. The poet reads some of the work at the beginning of the poetry circle, then takes a breath and listens as everyone in the talking circle has a turn to talk about their response to the work. Then the poet responds and discussion ensues.
Website: Get Poetry!


Envoi Poetry Festival, Winnipeg, May 31 – June 7, 2015
For more info: www.envoifound.com

In Dialogue Reading Series, Winnipeg (Monthly September – April)
For more info: http://www.mbwriter.mb.ca/in-dialogue-the-mwg-reading-series/

Lansdowne Prize for Poetry Series, Winnipeg (Various – location to be re-opened soon)
For more info: http://www.aquabooks.ca/lansdowneseries.php

Saskatchewan Festival of Words, Moosejaw (July)
For more info: http://www.festivalofwords.com/

THIN AIR Winnipeg International Writers Festival, Winnipeg (September)
For more info: http://www.thinairwinnipeg.ca/festivals/thin-air-2013

Speaking Crow Reading Series, Winnipeg (Monthly)
For more info: http://thewriterscollective.org/programs/speaking-crow/

Winnipeg Poetry Slam, Winnipeg (Monthly, January—June)
For more info: http://winnipegpoetryslam.wordpress.com/

Winnipeg Spoken Word Festival, Winnipeg (June)
For more info: http://www.winnipegspokenwordfestival.com

Voices, Ink. Youth Poetry Slam, Winnipeg (Monthly, January—June)
For more info: www.voicesink.org