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Mary Lee Bragg spent her childhood in rural southern Alberta and was educated in Calgary. She now lives in Ottawa, where she had a career in the public service focussing on official languages. Her award-winning poetry and short fiction have appeared in literary magazines and ezines in Canada, the United States and Cuba. She has published the novel Shooting Angels (2004) and two poetry chapbooks, How Women Work (2010) and Winter Music (2013). 

David James Brock is a playwright, poet, and librettist whose plays and operas have been performed in cities across Canada, the US, and the UK. He is the winner of the 2011 Herman Voaden Canadian National Playwriting Award for his play Wet. Brock’s debut poetry collection, Everyone is CO2, was released by Wolsak & Wynn in spring 2014 and his most recent collection, Ten-Headed Alien, was released in March 2018. He has created text for opera, musicals, and new music with companies that include Scottish Opera, Noise Opera, Tapestry Opera, the Canadian Art Song Project, Fawn Chamber Creative, and the Paul Dresher Ensemble. Brock is co-creator of Breath Cycle, a multimedia operatic song cycle developed with cystic fibrosis patients that was nominated for a 2014 Royal Philharmonic Society Award. He lives in Toronto and has taught writing courses at the University of Guelph, University of Victoria, Humber College and Young People’s Theatre. Learn more about his work at 

Meena Chopra 

A. B. Dillon

E Russell Smith

Archana Sridhar is a university administrator and poet living in Toronto. A graduate of Bard College and Harvard Law School and a former Fulbright Scholar, Archana focuses on themes of race, meditation, motherhood, and trauma in her poetry. Her work has been featured in The Brown Orient, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The /tƐmz/ Review and elsewhere.

Ben Stellino‘s belief in living in the moment allows her to appreciate the poetry of life and invites magic to happen. Benslenz is her soul’s eye ready to capture beauty, unspoken grace, and everyday nuances.
Through her photography and writing, Stellino unearths illusions, elicits wonder, and portrays the human experience we all share. At the root of it all, Ben is a storyteller. She resides in the Beaches area of Toronto, Canada.

Leslie Timmins

Melissa Weiler began writing when she was 13 and has been writing ever since. She is now 48 years old. She wrote and self-published a book called Emotions.



Member News

Rebecca Banks presents:
Subterranean Blue Poetry Announces!

We are working on a Poetry Anthology for Keynote Poets Worldwide, titled Marula. The Marula tree is a fantastical concept, a tree of sustenance, healing and life in Africa.  The work features the most popular poetry from Poetry Pen and Ink (a Facebook site) as well as poetry selected by the Poet/Poetry Editor/Teacher/Bon Vivant Michael Ellis.  A brilliant offering.

Subterranean Blue Poetry for January 2019 is to be launched on the 29th December, 2018.  Titled: “Roses Chinois”. Featuring: Mary Imgrund, Devika Mathur, Norma Kerby, Kimberlynne Darby Newton, Sylvia Plath, Sara Renee Marshall . . . and more.

Subterranean Blue Poetry for St. Valentine’s is in the works. Titled: “Evora Square”. Cover Photo by Edie Steiner. Featuring: Sergio Ortiz, Gregg Dotoli, Kimberlynne Darby Newton, Edna St. Vincent Millay . . .  and more.

Some of my poetry is being published in California Quarterly, the short story “Acadie” is being published in a young adult anthology by MCI and a My (small press) Writing Day piece is being published at above/ground press.

“all the poetry, everywhere”

“for those subterranean blues”

with thanks,

Rebecca Banks

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Heather Cadsby will be presenting from her new poetry book, Standing in the Flock of Connections (Brick Books, 2018), in Barrie Ontario at WordUp on Thursday January 10th at 7pm.

Fern G. Z. Carr will be launching her poetry collection, Shards of Crystal (Silver Bow Publishing, 2018), at Poetic Justice on Jan. 20, 2:00 pm at The Heritage Grill in New Westminster BC.  She will then continue her poetry tour as a featured poet for the Federation of BC Writers on the same date at 6:30 pm at the BC Alliance for Arts and Culture in downtown Vancouver.  Shortly after that, she will do a guest presentation in Kelowna for the Society for Learning in Retirement.
Fern’s poetry has recently been published in Zomba, Malawi and in the USA in: California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana and Pennsylvania with poetry slated for publication in Minnesota and France.

Dave Margoshes presents a poem:


We never think of now till now.

Too late, the suddenness of temptation

and necessity roars by, a speeding freight,

its mournful sigh wrapping us

in an embrace. We never think of now

till now, when all the possibilities close

their petals against winter’s approach,

all eventualities too soon come

to nothing. We never think of now till

now, the troublesome past disappearing

in the rear-view mirror, the future not yet

in sight, and the rich texture and aroma

of now – that moment we all yearn to live

within – come crashing down on our heads,

petals wide open, scent clogging our nostrils,

whistle blowing our ears numb, taking

full possession of all our senses, our veins

singing with the pulse of now and now

and now.

– Dave Margoshes, copyright 2019

 Wishing us all a year full of memorable nows

Susan McCaslin will be launching and giving readings from her new volume of creative non-fiction, dialogue, and poetry, Superabundantly Alive: Thomas Merton’s Dance with the Feminine (Wood Lake Publishing), a collaboration with Hamilton poet and Merton scholar J.S. Porter. Reviews:

A Vancouver launch will take place on Feb. 6that the Canadian Memorial Centre for Peace, Great Hall, 1825 W. 16th Ave., Vancouver, BC, time TBA, sponsored by The Thomas Merton Society of Canada. 

On March 9, she will be launching at the Salt Spring Public Library, 129 McPhillips Ave., Salt Spring Island, BC, 1 pm, host, Elsie Mountford:

Then on March 14, Susan will be presenting a reading and conversation at Banyen Books, 3608 W. 4thAve., Vancouver, 6:30-8 pm, hosted by Jacob Steele.

An essay on the fiftieth anniversary of Merton’s death, “Burning, Sinking, Disappearing, Rising: A Poetic Reflection,” appeared in The Merton Seasonal: A Quarterly Review. Vol. 43, No. 4 (Winter 2018), ed. Patrick O’Connell, 25-31.

Two recent poems, “Pumped Lines” & “Ad-vent,” were published in Tuck Magazine (UK), Dec. 20, 2018.

Katherine J. Munro (kjmunro) will be reading at the Whitehorse Public Library on 03 January 2019 to open for Carleigh Baker. The weekly blog feature that she has been compiling for The Haiku Foundation, called ‘A Sense of Place’, will wrap up in December. In the New Year she will manage a new feature with guest editors: (

Anne Sorbie presents:

(M)othering Anthology is currently seeking submissions

This upcoming book takes its title from the idea that the act of mothering (literally, figuratively, metaphorically) shapes and transforms our identity.

How does mothering make or grow you? Take us to your joy, your dark places, your aching freedoms, your confusion, your sense of wonder, your sensual. Leave us raw and in awe of your real, your wild beauty, your careful, your kind.

Send us your stories, your verse, and visuals.

Submit unpublished prose (up to 10 pages), poems (up to 100 lines), and images (photography and original art).

(M)othering will accept submissions from January 1 through April 30, 2019. Submission is free.

You retain copyright of your work. We ask for exclusive first rights for three months after publication, and following that for non-exclusive rights in print and electronic formats.

Bänoo Zan presents:

Shab-e She’r (Poetry Night) LXX

Toronto’s most diverse & brave poetry reading and open mic series

Featured poets: Hana Shafi & Terry Trowbridge
Hosts: Bänoo Zan & Terese Pierre

Time: Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Place: Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2M7

Main Hall
Doors open               6:15 p.m.
Open-mic sign-up     6:30 p.m.
Show                         7-10 p.m.

Admission: $5

Hana Shafi (FrizzKid) writer, artist, recipient of Women Who Inspire Award, from the Canadian Council for Muslim Women, book: It Begins with the Body

Terry Trowbridge poet, team member of the Art Bar Poetry Series, published in New Quarterly, CV2, Great Lakes Review, Dalhousie Review & 40 others

Tranzac Club is an accessible venue with no stairs (aside from the stage) and they have two accessible gender neutral washrooms.

Twitter: @BanooZan & @ShabeSherTO

Instagram: @banoo.zan