Baigent Beryl

Born in the small mining village of Llay, North Wales, Beryl Baigent maintains close ties with her Celtic roots, even though she has lived in Canada for thirty years and is now a Canadian citizen. She was educated at Grove Park Girls' Grammar School, Wrexham, and at the University of Western Ontario. She has a B.A. in Physical Education and an M.A. in Literature with a thesis on Gwendolyn MacEwen. She teaches creative writing, dance yoga, Tai Chi, and health education. She is also the focalizer for a Women's Spirituality group and writes freelance reviews and articles on women's issues.

Selected Awards
June Fritch Memorial Award, Canadian Authors Association, 1982.
North Wales Arts Association, Writers on Tour Award, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998.

Selected Publications
Ancestral Dreams. (Third Eye Publications, 1981, 1982).
The Sacred Beech and Other Poems from Wales (chapbook). (Pierian Press, 1985).
Mystic Animals. (Third Eye Publications, 1988).
Absorbing the Dark. (Moonstone Press, 1990, 1993).
Hiraeth: In Search of Celtic Origins. (Third Eye Publications, 1994).
Triptych: Virgins, Victims, Votives. (Moonstone Press, 1996).
The Mary Poems (Cranberry Tree Press, Windsor, Ontario, 2000) ISBN: 0-9684218-8-1
And A Branch Shall Grow: The Irish Connection (Third Eye Publications Inc., London, Ontario, 2006) ISBN: 1-897203-15-2

Selected Anthologies
Northern Spirit: A Pagan Anthology. (Cactus Tree Press, 1988).
Spirit of the Circle. (I*D Books, 1998).
bite to eat place. (Redwood Coast Press, 1995).
Poetry and Spiritual Practice (St. Thomas Press, Toronto, 2002) ISBN: 0-9685339-7-3

Books in Print
Baigent, Beryl
Absorbing the Dark. Moonstone Press, 1990, 1993. $8.95 ISBN: 0-920259-30-8.
Ancestral Dreams. Third Eye Publications, 1981, 1982. $7.95 ISBN: 0-919581-01-3.
Hiraeth: In Search of Celtic Origins. Third Eye Publications, 1994. $10.00 ISBN: 0-919581-90-0.
Mystic Animals. Third Eye Publications, 1988. $10.00 ISBN: 0-919581-45-5.
The Celtic Tree Calendar and Other Poems. (Forthcoming, 1999).
The Sacred Beech and Other Poems from Wales (chapbook). Pierian Press, 1985. $1.00 ISBN: 0-920916-38-4.
Triptych: Virgins Victims Votives. Moonstone Press, 1997. $14.95 ISBN 0-920259-60-X.

Beryl Baigent 137 Byron Ave. Thamesford ON N0M 2M0 (519) 285-2441

Poet in the School

phone: 519-285-2441

Baigent is a poet and freelance journalist with a B.A. in physical education and an M.A. in English. Her eighth book of poetry, Hiraeth: In Search of Celtic Origins was published in April 1994. Her work has been published in magazine anthologies in Canada, the U.S., England, Wales, Australia and India. This year she has given readings and workshops in British Columbia and Wales for the North Wales Arts Association, one of which was entitled "Writing With the Spirit" as Baigent combines her knowledge of yoga and meditation to encourage right brain involvement, with left brain organizational techniques. Her latest book is Triptych: Virgins Victims Votives from Moonstone Press.

Grade Levels: 9 - OAC

Fees: standard

Classroom Approach:
Baigent is prepared to discuss her own work if the class is studying contemporary poetry, in which case her poems can be distributed to the class prior to her visit. Alternatively, if students are studying other periods or cultures, Baigent will give a working poet's approach to the literature in question. She is also happy to work with creative writing students.