Rosenblatt Joe

Poet-painter Joe Rosenblatt was born in Toronto in l933. He started writing seriously in the early sixties, and in l966 his first book, The L.S.D. Leacock, was published by Coach House Press. Since then he has published more than twenty books of poetry complete with his own illustrations. His selected poems (1962-1975), Top Soil, won the Governor-General's Award for poetry. Another volume of selected poems, (l963-l985), Poetry Hotel, won The B.C. Book Prize, l986 for poetry. His poems have appeared in numerous anthologies and periodicals in North America. Rosenblatt has held several writer-in-residence positions in Canadian universities and libraries, as well as short term writer in residence positions at the University of Rome and University of Bologna. Between l987 and l993 he toured Europe giving readings and lectures in Italy, Sweden and Finland. Illustrated by the poet a bilingual edition of his sea sonnets Madre Tentacolare (A Tentacled Mother) has been translated into Italian by Prof. Alfredo Rizzardi of the University of Bologna and published in Italy. In 1996 Toronto's Exile Press released A Tentacled Mother in the original along with his selected prose and poems, The Rosenblatt Reader. A collection of his selected drawings and new poems, The Voluptuous Gardener, was published in 1996 by Vancouver's Beach Holme Press. His most recent poetry volume is titled Dog, a collaboration on the sonnet form with poet Catherine Owen on the theme of homeless Havana dogs, that Vancouver photographer Karen Moe shot a decade ago in inner Havana. Her photographs are reproduced in the book published by Mansfield Press of Toronto as a fall of 2008 title. Since 1980 Rosenblatt has been living in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island with his wife Faye, a piano teacher with their two surviving felines. They are depicted in his paintings and drawings which are in public and private collections in Canada.