Microgrants and Bursaries

The League of Canadian Poets is excited to offer several programs that financially support poets and organizers in creating, developing, and sharing the craft of poetry. Read on for details on these programs, including eligibility, application windows, and more.

Event funding from the League of Canadian Poets

Interested in learning more about the deadlines and application windows for Poetry Readings, Book Launches, Reading Series & Festivals, and Poetry In the Schools?

Poetry Readings

Honoraria and travel reimbursement for poets, paid directly to the poet following the event. 

With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Toronto Arts Council, the League provides hundreds of poets each year with honorarium payments and travel reimbursement for poetry readings. 

Book Launch Tours

Full members of the League with a new book forthcoming may reserve up to $750 in honoraria, payable in $125 increments starting April the year of the book’s release, ending in March the year following the book’s release. Applications open annually in November, for books being released the following calendar year. 

Reading Series and Festivals

Reading Series and literary festivals may be eligible to reserve up to $2,000 in honoraria for 8-16 unconfirmed readers. Readers must be Full members of the League to receive the funding, but do not have to be confirmed at the time of reservation. Honoraria are paid directly to the poets following their events. 

Poetry in Schools

Honoraria for poets, paid directly to the poet following the event. The League does not assist in setting up school visits; poets must arrange the visits themselves, and then apply for funding. The League of Canadian Poets program supports visits to Ontario schools only. 


Members of the League may apply to receive a $500 payment to facilitate a poetry-related workshop of their design. Workshops must be offered free of charge to participants. The League does not organize these workshops, but can distribute registration information. 

Poetry Consultations and Mentorship

Members of the League may apply to receive a $250 payment to work one-on-one with another poet and provide editorial guidance to develop skill in editing, craft, form, publishing guidance, or other essential skills for poets. The League does not organize these consultations; poets must apply for the funding with a mentee poet already confirmed.

P.K. Page Mentorship Program

The P.K. Page Mentorship Program, supported by the P.K. Page Trust Fund for Mentoring, was established to support the League’s Associate membership in honing their skill, craft, and professional understanding of poetry in Canada. This program is exclusive to members of the League of Canadian Poets.

Annual Poetry Bursary

The League of Canadian Poets Annual Poetry Bursary provides financial support for students who are studying poetry at the post-secondary level in many formats. This special bursary will provide $2000 in support for one year of education that has a focus on poetry at the undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate level.