Lorna Crozier

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“Work” by Lorna Crozier
from the 2017 Poem in Your Pocket Day booklet

Lucky the ones who work with animals close by,

the girl who gets up early—even at that hour

dust worrying the grass—before she goes to school

(this is my mother’s story) and pumps three hundred strokes

to fill the trough, two brown mares waiting at the gate,

their nostrils flaring with the smell of water from the well

and the smell of her all those mornings, until she is also

what they drink.

“If a Poem Could Walk” by Lorna Crozier
from the 2016 Poem in Your Pocket Day booklet

It would have paws, not feet,
four of them to sink into the moss
when humans blunder up the path.

Or hooves, small ones,
leaving half-moons in the sand.
Something to make you stop
.                                                  and wonder

what kind of animal this is,
where it came from, where it’s going.

It draws nearest when you are most alone.
You lay red plums on your blanket,
a glass of cool cider, two sugar cubes,

knowing it is tame and wild—
the perfect animal—
knowing it will stop for nothing
as it walks
.          with its four new legs
right off the page.

Originally from The Blue Hour of the Day: Selected Poems, McClelland and Stewart