Heidi Garnett

PIYP 2017 header

“Wish List” by Heidi Garnett
from the 2017 Poem in Your Pocket Day booklet

I want to meet a blue parakeet that reads the future

pulling Tarot cards with one delicate outstretched foot,

the hanged man uncovered.  I want to own a Corvette,

a 1960 red and white convertible hardtop

and drive around town with my dog Bud.  I want

to write love poems as if world peace depends on them.  I want

to shape each day like a clump of clay

until it becomes what my hands remember.  I want

to see the turnings of things, who and where we already are,

light rising again in the east, the moon

climbing into the world through a trapdoor each night,

my attic a place of worship.  I want to see a white-tailed deer

gazing at an inverted image of itself in a frozen lake

and just once the clearly marked tracks of a bobcat

breaking new snow.  I want to go home

as if I never left.  Like the sun I want to enter

through one door and leave by another.