Canisia Lubrin

PIYP 2017 header

“Big Data on February 8th” (a found poem in an e-mail inbox) by Canisia Lubrin
from the 2017 Poem in Your Pocket Day booklet

—Final hours, Hudson’s bay extra

Secrets off your tickets

For Literature Matters, this confirms your order

Still early so reset your common globe

Save trouble viewing thieves in your address book

As podcasts abandon their smugglers


On Wednesday January eleventh twenty seventeen

Lost in the cold, the code. People looking at your LinkedIn profile


In February, an eighth of a sound as Obama says goodbye for good in group

email: off with your favourite scents. A piece on finishing a book, a name

or a woman’s trouble viewing. Wonder

who assigned your mobile device in the honest company

of the original Tintin?


The beautiful beginnings you can read on your iPad

For fifty percent off, If you cannot see this email,

Save an extra fifteen on gas. Free shipping on us for being

A loyal member liked one of your tweets, stories from Canada

& the world to come & add to your address book: see how well

You stand out from the crowd—