Bänoo Zan

Designed by Megan Fildes

There is a voice” by Bänoo Zan 
from the 2018 Poem in Your Pocket Day booklet

that sings your song 

opens your veins to

There is a voice
who is not you 

gives you words
you never had 

invites you 
to the allegory  
of the cave 

There is a voice
in whose tales 
you are a myth 

shatters your pettiness 
and makes you whole 

There is a voice
that claims you— 

abyss and wings and all

There is a voice
that is yours 

when you cross
your borders 

There is a voice – 

Take yourself
out of its way 

Let it sing
through you

Let it make you
a song— 

There is a voice 


First appeared in Gaea Calling: Community, Insight, Influence