Canada Poetry Tours


Applications are open from January 15 to February 15, 2020, for readings taking place between April 1 and September 30, 2020.

Canada Poetry Tours Application form

Approved hosts will be invoiced for a $15 administrative fee per approved half-reading, and a $25 fee per approved full reading, which is payable by cheque or credit card.

Applications should only be submitted electronically using the form linked above. Contact if you are having difficulty applying online.

Want to bring a League poet to your event or reading series? We may be able to help cover their honorarium and travel fees! All Full League members are eligible to receive funding through our Canada Poetry Tours program, which helps support reading tours and one-off events all across Canada. Be sure to confirm the dates and times of a visit before submitting an application!

League members: want to receive funding for a reading you have planned? Be sure to tell your host to apply for your funding and travel through the Canada Poetry Tours program! There is a small application fee for the host, and applications must be submitted by the host to the League directly. Make sure to check all limit and application guidelines below!


Applications must come directly from the host. If approved, hosts will be invoiced for the administrative fee ($15 for half readings, $25 for full readings). Applications must arrive during one of the following windows:

  • For readings taking place between April 1 and September 30, submit applications between January 15 and February 15.
  • For readings taking place between September 1 and March 31, submit applications between July 1 and August 1.

We do accept late applications that will be added to our waitlist; however, it is likely that a waitlisted application would not be approved until after the date of the reading. Most waitlisted applications will likely hear if their funding has been approved in March 2020. Waitlisted events should be scheduled to take place even if funding is not approved.

Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis, so we recommend applying early in the application windows!

Poets may have reserved readings if they are a new League member, or if they reserved readings for a new book tour. Applications to make use of reserved readings may be submitted any time at least 3 weeks prior to the reading date.

Canada Poetry Tours application form:


This program, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, reimburses a poet’s travel and issues them an honorarium at the following rates:

  • $125 honorarium + up to $150 travel reimbursement (half-reading, under 20 minutes)
  • $250 honorarium + up to $300 travel reimbursement (full reading, solo or over 20 minutes)

Honoraria and travel reimbursement are paid directly to the poet by the League following the event.

The League is committed to supporting Northern and remote communities who are seeking to bring poetry into their communities – poets and hosts who are looking to arrange a series of readings in Northern and/or remote communities across Canada may be eligible to receive additional travel and honorarium funding. Please see the bottom of this page for more, and contact for more information.


This program can only provide funding for Full League members. If you are a poet interested in joining the League, visit for more information!

Applications and administrative fees must come directly from the host; hosts are not able to apply to receive funding for themselves.

Publishers may not apply to receive funding through this program.

Readings may take place anywhere within Canada; however, not all venues are eligible. Non-eligible venues include elementary and secondary schools, conferences, workshops, panels/discussions, and fundraising events.

If you are a host or a poet with questions about eligibility, please contact us at or 416-504-1657.


  • Hosts and poets will be notified via email once their application for funding has been processed
  • Payments from the League are made directly to the poet following the visit, upon receipt of their finalized paperwork
  • Funding for cancelled readings may not be held by a host and is not transferable
  • Funded readings must acknowledge the support of and use logos for the League and the Canada Council for the Arts on all promotional materials.


  • Poets must be Full members of the League of Canadian Poets
  • Membership Dues must be paid in full
  • Poets are limited to five (5) full readings per two (2) years (April-March), or any combination of full and half-readings to equal 5
  • Hosts are limited to four (4) full readings per year (April-March), or any combination of full and half readings to equal 4

RESERVED READINGS (New members and book tours)

From October 1 to December 1 each year, members with forthcoming books (to be published in the next calendar year) can request to reserve funding for up to three (3) full readings to be used during the next funding cycle (April – March). Members must be in good standing. Requests received outside of this time frame will not be processed or considered.

To claim reserved readings, host(s) must submit an application 3-4 weeks in advance of the reading.

Reserved readings are limited and are distributed on a first come first serve basis. Unused reserved readings cannot be carried forward to the following year. Book Tour Funding may not be reserved for two consecutive years. Any unused book tour funding will be redistributed to other members.

New members of the League receive one reserved half-reading they may use any time within their first year of membership.

Submit a book tour reservation request between October 1 and December 1 through this form.


Poets or hosts may contact the League office to request additional travel reimbursement for reading tours in remote, Northern, and small communities. This must be requested and confirmed at the time of application.

For travel to and from remote, Northern and small communities, organizers may request up to double the travel maximums when it organizes a minimum of three (3) full readings or six (6) joint readings for the same writer. It must also provide a written statement with information about the event for which funding is being requested.

For travel to and from official language minority communities, organizers may request an additional twenty (20) percent of the total cost of a reading.

Remote communities: settlements with 1,000 or less population, with a population density of 400 or less inhabitants per square kilometer.

Northern communities: above the 54th line of parallel and in Labrador.

Small communities: communities with less than 100,000 inhabitants.

Official Language Minority Communities: Writers and host organizations of official language minority communities are groups of people that share a common language, English or French, distinct from the linguistic majority of the province or territory in which they live. (Section 41 of the Official Languages Act).