“Winter” is a poem that traffics in simplicity. It opens with a careful, but distinctive, meditation on the season before skating away to a wistful and wise coda. The poet’s two concerns, winter and destiny, are drawn together quite comfortably for a poem that doesn’t try too hard to reach for an epiphany but finds one anyway and treats it like a clean, cold fact. – juror Jacob McArthur Mooney

“I was inspired to write ‘Winter’ because I am passionate about writing about the seasons,” grade-7 poet Christina Chen told us. “I also wanted to write a melancholy poem to show sorrow and aging. So, I combined the two ideas to write ‘Winter’.” Christina also enjoys sewing, knitting, crocheting, cooking and baking. “I especially enjoy making outfits for my 9-month old malti-poo puppy!”


“Winter” by Christina Chen, grade 7

I knew cold, bitter winter was coming

As I sat on the pond’s edge

Frost spread in every direction

When I breathed, mist would form

All my capabilities would soon freeze

And my life would skate away

on the frozen pond.

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