pexels-photo-190364-largeThe Feminist Caucus panel at the 2018 annual conference will consist of pairs of older and younger members who strongly resonate with the term “feminist.” In addition to participating on the panel in Toronto in June, participants will contribute a written response in any combination of poetry, essay, or art, on the following: What does feminism mean to you? How did you become a feminist? What issues resonate with you the most? What does it mean to be a feminist poet? What changes would you like to see for women and society in the future?

This panel and chapbook should create a dialogue about how and why feminist visions, ideals, and objectives change over time: how they get sidetracked, sabotaged, diluted, morphed, or generate new unexpected issues; the importance for future generations of feminists in understanding the original intentions of their predecessors; and what all this means to us as feminist poets.

Feminists of the older generation will be asked to reflect on their role in the feminist movements of the ‘70s and ‘80s, recalling the vision they held—at the time—of the changes they hoped to effect for younger generations. These feminists will be paired with feminists from a younger generation to respond to each other and co-present on the panel.

The League is committed to inclusive programming, and encourages submissions from all writers, including non-binary writers, writers of colour, Indigenous writers, and LGBTQ writers. Eligible panellists will receive a modest honorarium and some travel reimbursement through our Canada Poetry Tours program. If you are interested in being involved, please send a brief pitch to panel organizer Carol Casey at