In the New Republic of Poetry by Greg Santos

after Martin Espada  

Poets scrawl their verses onto knives,  
flinging the cutlery in the air,  
letting chance decide.     

Gypsies slink through the throngs,  
slipping scrolls of poems  
into oblivious purses and pockets.     

And the hungry can slip into a bordello  
and be fed poems until ink  
seeps down their chins.     

We have returned to this good land,  
where the forest at twilight  
is filled with the mingling cries 
of wolves and songbirds.   


Copyright © Greg Santos. Originally published in SAND: Berlin’s English Literary Journal (Issue 4, 2011) and featured in Rabbit Punch! (DC Books, 2014).


Photo credit: Studio Duda

Greg Santos is the author of Blackbirds (Eyewear, 2018), Rabbit Punch! (DC Books, 2014) and The Emperor’s Sofa (DC Books, 2010). He is the poetry editor of carte blanche. He lives in Montreal with his family. Find Greg on Twitter at @moondoggyspad.


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