Post Truth by Sean Wiebe

Nothing is true. The papers print untruths.
even The Washington Post is post truth
even CIA briefings to the President
even the Christmas Card holiday greeting
your Grandmother sent through the post
arrived with an empty stamp
without a seal or guarantee 
that I love you is more than pat, 
her name is Pat, after all, 
and the 25 enclosed barely buys
a head of cauliflower. Post Pat
everything and nothing is pat
Presidents play patty-cake on twitter
Red-Riding doesn’t visit
she has swiped right, or is it left, 
Does it matter? She is making out 
on the couch to House of Cards.
Never write in a diary
your feelings are not true 
just a million little pieces
that even Oprah can’t vouch for.
Football isn’t true, not the salary
nor the glory, nor the forever, 
Amen, brother, don’t say deflategate
some have concussions and some don’t
no one knows who is telling it
not the doctors or the MRI scans.
At night, when are you sleeping
your FB bot automates a status update
steps, calories, winks, stars
instaeverything—all true,
beauty is truth, perception beauty
it is all we know, all pinned 
packaged, turned, coined
little bits of body fuzz turned buzz
7 ways to convince your self/boss 
that the work you do actually matters
the only mantra you will even need
There was a time when the truth
was an honorable pursuit 
there were methods and processes
to determine it, there were those
who climbed mountains 
to have it revealed, those who
hid in the shadows to expose 
the lack of it. The truth, 
when it was discovered
could set a person free 
could cause another to resign
could start and stop a tank
in the middle of the street. 


Copyright © Sean Wiebe. Originally published in Scrivener Creative Review (Spring, 2017).


Sean Wiebe lives in Charlottetown and is an associate professor at the University of Prince Edward Island. He is the author of three books of poetry: How Boy Grow Up, Blue Waiting (with Celeste Snowber), and The Zen of Traffic; and two nonfiction books on education: From Narratives of Teaching: Conversations Towards Agency and Authenticity in Education (with Craig MacDonald) and Inside the classroom: Stories of Curriculum and Creativity (with Lori Gard). A portfolio of his work can be accessed at


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