After convulsing in public by Dominik Parisien

I like to fuck in protest of this body.

I’m told the caring treatment afforded
my unconscious self
is a testament
to the kindness of strangers. I do see in it hope
and my own dissolution. Convulsing, I lose
the possessive body, become
a receptacle for concern, just a thing
touched everywhere through kindness
left perfumed in the sweat of another’s care.

I seem ungrateful because I am
permeable in those moments,
a body bursting with strangers.

Sex is then the privilege of choosing
who participates in the choreography
of my limbs. My partner’s hands
become a knife, carving other fingers from my skin
to help me shape myself again.


Copyright © Dominik Parisien. Originally published in We, Old Young Ones (Frog Hollow Press, 2019).


Dominik Parisien‘s work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Fiddlehead, Quill & Quire, Arc Poetry Magazine, The Antigonish Review, Plenitude, and various other magazines. His first poetry chapbook We, Old Young Ones was published by Frog Hollow Press in 2019. Dominik is the co-editor, with Navah Wolfe, of The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales, which won the Shirley Jackson Award. His latest editorial project is Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction, with Elsa Sjunneson-Henry. Dominik is a disabled, bisexual, French Canadian. He lives in Toronto.

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