Choosing a Friend by Ayaz Pirani

He’s off the list
like Pluto. 

I can share apples with that one
but it’s formal as Piaget. 

She’s bitter-gourd,
a pinch of turmeric. 

His ear for an echo,
standing like scissors. 

Her shrimp-paste face
is tempting 

but he looks like drought.
The other, lake effect. 

All that’s left is that
punctuation mark. 


Copyright © Ayaz Pirani. First appeared in Poem in Your Pocket Day 2018.


Ayaz Pirani studied Humanities in Toronto and Montreal. His degree is from Vermont College. Ayaz’s  books include Happy You Are Here (Word Works, 2016) and Kabir’s Jacket Has a Thousand Pockets (Mawenzi House, forthcoming). He lives near Monterey Bay, California.

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