translations from an unknown language by Brian Henderson

who would have imagined beginnings themselves
would have no beginning 

when we slip into our skins it’s like water feldspar winking
with its many mica eyes  

we imbibe small tassels of time 

who can follow the thread as it’s weaving
in and out of the traffic of the body 

someone is moving the words around when we sleep
perhaps a fisher or hare 

perhaps the arms of trees shrugged when in the evening
we found the river had slithered away under a rock 

we can hear its dry tongue whispering we can hear
music of ghostlight harrowing the margins of beech leaves 

we can see geese hauling the boat of the moon
out of the trees where it’s been sleeping 

and hear them pulling this knot that’s us
inside out 


Copyright © Brian Henderson.


Brian Henderson is a GG finalist and the author of 11 books of poetry including The Alphamiricon, a deck of visual poem cards now online at Ubu: His latest is [OR] from Talonbooks. Unidentified Poetic Object is forthcoming from Brick in 2019. He is a co-editor of the Laurier Poetry Series. Brian is on Twitter at @brihen.