A litany for speaking by Pamela Porter

Because the wind bore down and the house fell dark
Because branches were flung from the trees
Because clouds broke free from the sky
Because untamed birds have gone into hiding
Because the horse will not leave though the gate blew open
Because the moon is dark and cold in its field
Because sleep ran like a river fired with stars
Because ceremonies must be offered
Because nothing has been forgiven
Because the storm on the water
Because forgiveness is waiting
Because the soul is oracle for the heart
Because the ships are still anchored in harbour
Because the soul speaks and the heart answers
Because you wait like a seed for the light to arrive
Because he said it was his turn and he took it
Because the echo went out but did not come back
Because beginning to say no is not to offer so much a fist
.                                                      as a whisper of your name
Because it is your turn now
Because you waited on the light and it came as fire


Copyright © Pamela Porter.


Photo credit: Toryn Sundstrom

Pamela Porter’s work has won more than a dozen provincial, national and international awards, including the Governor General’s Award for her novel in verse, The Crazy Man. Her poetry been shortlisted for the Pat Lowther and Raymond Souster Awards, as well as the CBC/Canada Writes prize. Her twelfth poetry collection, Defending Darkness, was released in 2016 by Ronsdale Press.  Pamela lives near Sidney, BC with her family and a menagerie of rescued horses, dogs, and cats. Find Pamela on Twitter at @trailpny.