paderewski’s spider by Claudia Coutu Radmore

            Desirée is a Green-Naped Rainbow Lorikeet,
.             a species of Australasian parrot no bigger than
            a blue jay.


paderewski’s spider spun down from the ceiling
when he played chopin’s études in thirds; it decamped
sometimes paderewski used to think, quite angrily
when he switched to playing the études in sixths

only humans, parrots, maybe elephants want to move to music
anticipate a beat, synchronize to it. a cow may walk calmly
to slaughter listening to mozart but you’ll never
get giraffe or puma to march

yet desiree is passionately fond of schubert
                     sonata in g major; andante
.                                       waits to feel the rhythm

then, as if she’s stepped onto a dance floor, she engages in full swing
expands the groove with an exaggerated bow, energetic dip, a slow sway
responding with every muscle, every bone, every cell
                        menuetto: allegro moderato

her spirit adrift in orographic cloud, like nietsche
lost in listening to music with her muscles, she enters the music
by her own back stairs
.                         molto moderato e cantabile



(entering) by her own back stairs; William James, Principles of Psychology, 1890


Copyright © Claudia Coutu Radmore.


Claudia Coutu Radmore’s collections a moment or two/ without remembering and Your Hands Discover Me/ Tes mains me découvrent, were followed by Accidentals, which won Canada’s bpNichol Chapbook Award in 2011. fish spine picked clean, a tanka collection, was published by Éditions des petits nuages in March, 2018. She manages catkin press which publishes lryic and Japanese-form poetry.

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