PIYP Day 2019: Charlie Petch


Glom Glom Sunraises

by Charlie Petch


Dawn was especially noisy today,
as the three suns sprouted from horizon,
as the lamprey loons sung whale songs,
as your tentacle slipped from my gilled side.  

I opened one eyeball,
to see the shine of us.
Watched feathered spider flies
steal the dust of our skin.  

Having no other eyeball to open,
I slip from our volcano dome,
to scavenge hopplepops for our breakfast,
follow their giggles to find them.  

Your 7 limbs seem heavy for you today.
So we turn off the magnets
and float instead,
tango in mid air.  

You push branches from my cheek,
ask if I want to go see our egg sack.
I spin around your head three times,
because this is how we spell love. 


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Charlie Petch is aaward winning spoken word artist, playwright, haikdeathmaster and musical saw player. They have been published in Matrix, Descant, Toronto Quarterly and other journals. They are member of the League of Canadian Poets and are the creative director and founder of “Hot Damn It’s Queer Slam.”