Decision tree by Monica Kidd

Take the candle to the woods. Place it at the
foot of the tree bent ninety degrees by some
previous insult and sheer bloody-mindedness.
Hang the towel on the fence. Undress, never
mind the westerly. Clouds are over the moon
and there is all the time in the world.

Open the tap. Lather up and scrub away the salt
and sap and wood smoke and heartache and
broken promises and the thundering march of time.
Listen for the surf crashing beyond the sound of
water at your feet. Turn to find the candle glowing.
Be glad for the tree and the night and the life that
flits and crawls in the woods beyond, and for
whatever missteps led you here. Sleep deeply.


Copyright © Monica Kidd. Originally published in Heartwood: Poems for the Love of Trees (League of Canadian Poets, 2018).


Monica Kidd’s fourth book of poetry, Chance Encounters with Wild Animals, will be published by Gaspereau Press in Spring, 2019. She is co-owner of Pedlar Press and also works as a family physician and occasional naturalist in Antarctica. Find Monica on Instagram at @MonicaKidd.

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