Resurgence by Ashley Hynd

the sequence of events is unclear
still somewhere between the taste
of limes and shit I almost understood
history—in the dream

.                        I am chasing manidoo-waabooz
                      he runs across turtle island


                     when I reach b/c he burrows
.                       in the ground until the land
                     becomes fabric

.                       yellow

                     far as the horizon
.                       I start shaking

                    my back hurts
                    my head hurts
.                      my stomach—

I wake up sucking my thumb tasting
the latest pretty-boy Trudeau speech
the sequences still unclear

which came first—the suicide
pact or OKA—have we always been
in this patch work

do our feet even know
where to stand           anymore


Copyright © Ashley Hynd. Originally published in subTerrain (#80: Margins).


Ashley Hynd lives on the Haldimand Tract and respects the Attawandron, Anishnawbe, and Haudenosaunee relationships with the land. Her writing often grapples with the erasure of her history, both as an act of reclamation and a call of accountability for what has been lost. She was longlisted for The CBC Poetry Prize (2018), shortlisted for ARC Poem of the Year (2018), and won the Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize (2017). Her poetry has appeared in ARC Poetry, Canthius, Room, Prism International, subTerrain & Grain. Her hobbies Include trampling the patriarchy, avoiding doing the dishes and getting lost in conversations.

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